baking birthday conrad

9:13 AMKathryn Curling

More often then not I get down because I don't feel like I've accomplished much other than doing the dishes and keeping my kiddo fed, but this weekend I can honestly say I've been a busy bee. I finished a painting:

Completely carved a stamp for Conrad's birthday invitation. I accidentally got a linoleum block instead of a rubber one and that was fun. not. haha. but it was a fun experience and I'm excited to make more, but definitely going with rubber til I get better at it! I'll eventually post a tutorial once I know a bit more about it. It's so much fun printing! I can't wait to learn to screen print! *drool*

Speaking of "drool" and screen printing, THE DAINTY SQUID & DEADWORRY are doing an AWESOME giveaway! Deadworry's t shirts are absolutely amazing. I think my favorite is owlopus.

haha. What could be better than an owl and an octopus hybrid??? C'mon! Anyways tonight shall be full of lots of baking! Expect tons of pictures! Hope everyone is having a safe awesome weekend! Take care!

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