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My name is kathryn, but I mostly go by kat.
Gypsy Beard is a studio, a vintage shop and blog. Come check out the new location in downtown Greenville, Texas!

I am a mommy, a girlfriend, a student, designer, adventurer.
My blog will most likely reflect all of that and then some :D

I am a proud texan with a big heart.
In the past year I've become quite fluent in spanglish.
I live for adventures to new places.
discovering inspiring things, people and places excites me beyond belief.

My ultimate life dream is to work from home as a graphic designer and spend weekends traveling and selling random things at the local flea markets.

This place is home to my ramblings, discoveries, woes, hard work and inspiration.
I hope you enjoy and we can be friends.

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NOTE: Gypsy Beard is a for profit blog. I promote my business as well as products and companies that I love and use everyday. I DO NOT promote companies, products or individuals that I haven't handpicked myself to show on this blog. I keep it real guys.

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