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The Peggy Olson Collection

7:52 AMKathryn Curling

Welcome back for another Mad Men Vintage Collection post! If this is your first time reading the feature, it's where I take fabulous vintage pieces from my Etsy shop that would fit each character's style. In previous posts I've shared our Joan Holloway and Megan Draper collections.

 Peggy Olson was in for a wake up call when she started as a secretary at Sterling Cooper Draper Price.  Raised Catholic and from a sheltered life, Peggy starts out as a very reserved and naive character. We see her transform from wholesome secretary in plaid and wool into the copy writing boss lady in funky dresses and smart two piece outfits, picking up the pieces of Don's destructive behavior.

Peggy knows how to rock the blouses and skirts! We see her in a lot of adorable sweaters and almost always, here outfits are finished off with a perfect scarf tied around the neck. She starts our very reserved in her colors and textures, but now we see her in funky 60's and 70's prints and bright contrasting colors. I'm not sure if its intentional on the costume designers part, but we see Peggy is LOTS of shades of green, yellow and blue. Of all the characters on the show, I think Peggy's style was probably the more common of the time. These kinds of vintage pieces are certainly not as rare as the chic ball gowns and cocktail dresses, but still just as beautiful and even more wearable in today's fashion. These prints and cuts are everywhere these days.

What do you think about Peggy's style? And which character on Mad Men can you relate to the most fashionwise? You can shop these looks below:

1. Brown Suit
2. Black Wrap Dress
3. Red & Green Plaid Skirt 4. Red Blouse
5. Brown Plaid Shirt Dress
6. Teal Dress
7. Black & Argyle Print Dress
8. Mint & Polka Dot Dress
9. Red Wool Skirt
10. Orange Sherbert 60's Dress
11. 70's Purple & Tan Blouse
12. Nipon Aztec Dress

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  1. Think Peggy would wear maxis? She seemed very used to showing some leg later on. I love this, I think Peggy is representative of what we now call "Real Women": women with real lives, who are gorgeous and badass but don't look like stereotypical movie stars, women taking some risks in their lives, doing the best they can.

    1. Probably jot maxis but that argyle print is so her! I couldn't agree more! Peggy is literally the epitome of the real woman in the 60's/70's. She paved a way for herself and embraced feminism in all its glory. She was sooo gorgeous and bad ass! She definitely took risks and in the end she kicked all of those stereotypes to the curb and blew those men away. I admire her so much for the way she conquered her dreams and didn't let men walk all over her. Thanks for taking the time to comment Jessica! :-)


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