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Mad Men Vintage Fashion: The Megan Draper Collection

1:57 PMKathryn Curling

In case you missed it, last week I started a new mini feature on the blog called Mad Men Vintage Fashion ! I'll be sharing pieces from my own shop that are specific to different characters from the tv show Mad Men. I start out the first with one of my favorite characters, Joan Holloway.

This post is all about Megan Draper though. I love Megan. She comes in as a breath of fresh air in Don's life. By the time Megan come's around, we are leaving the 50's and entering a more groovy era. Megan is free spirited, a little bit bohemian and a lot of sexy glamor. Most of her outfits consist of funky prints or are flowy gowns topped off with chunky jewelry, her signature cat eye look and gorgeous poofed long dark hair. Honestly Don! What were you thinking? 

I haven't included lingerie yet in this feature and wasn't planning on it, but Megan wears a nightie almost identical to this one in one episode! If Megan Draper is your right up your alley fashionably speaking.  You can shop these looks online at Gypsy Beard!

That's it for this week! Happy Friday and Happy early Valentine's Day!


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