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Instalife Lately: Iced In & Cuddles

9:04 AMKathryn Curling

FOUR MONTHS SINCE AN INSTALIFE LATELY POST? GEEZ. I know you are all just dying inside because you haven't see one (joke) but seriously I can't believe I haven't gotten around to it with all of our recent shenanigans! Christmas and Valentine's Day have both come and gone. It's been much more chill lately which is great because that means more time for life.

This past week we had a wonderful 4 day weekend thanks to Texas winter and our inability to handle anything frozen lol. No complaints here. I finished rewatching Mad Men in preparation for the upcoming season finale (whimper). I cooked lots of soup and bakes lots of unhealthy things. It was not productive at all, but oh so relaxing. :-) It's so nice to literally do nothing. (minus the 10 + loads of laundry!) Sadly the day that school was back in session was also the day that we happened to get actual SNOW, and not just freezing mud. Nonetheless we had a great time off.

And it looks like we'll get another early day due to snow! And this time we'll actually get to play in it! See ya later guys!

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