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Fried Egg Tostadas With Potato & Veggie Hash

10:24 AMKathryn Curling

I'm no food blogger, but ever since my boyfriend started making these yummy fried egg tostadas, I've made it my mission to perfect them myself. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, one of the major things my boyfriend has taught me is all of the wonderful food from Mexico that I had been missing out on. It's hit and miss when I make fried eggs. Most of the time I end up breaking the yolk (like with these) but they're still so yummy. I've been seeing lots of fried egg and hash variations on Pinterest, furthering my craving for fried egg tostadas.

 Normally we top these tostadas off with avocado and refried beans. My boyfriend also likes chili, but that's a bit much for me for breakfast! I had neither in the house so I settled for just the tostadas, potatoes, tomatoes and green chilis topped with salsa. I didn't intend on photographing or blogging my food, but Saturday morning the light was gorgeous and I really love any excuse to photograph my favorite tribal looking plates! I may, or may not have enjoyed this with a mimosa.

Okay, I'm hungry again. 

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