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7:11 AMKathryn Curling

What happens when you put my 4 year son who is obsessed with dinosaurs, ( like knows the scientific name of every single one and whether they are a carnivore or not) my 20 something best friend who is obsessed with dinosaurs and myself who equally adores dinosaurs in a giant dinosaur exhibit?

well pure, full on childlike happiness occurs.

This was one of my first outings that I took along my camera and tried it out. I was kinda bummed to see that it was super low light in the whole building so it wasn't ideal, but I still got some great family photos. I'm still trying to figure out how to take good pictures but I'm learning more everday... including how freaking sore your neck is going to be after lugging your camera around for hours.  

This was at the Dallas Market Hall Center and of course I got lost and wound up in the ghetto haha, but we had a ton of fun. Not only did they have the robotic exhibits that you could control, they had a dinosaur dig, dinosaurs bounce houses, dinosaur putt-putt, and even indoor rides. Not too shabby. I love that having a kid allows you to go do things that would otherwise make you look creepy if you did them without a kid haha.

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