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10:15 PMKathryn Curling


I've been trying to get comfortable with my camera these past few weeks. When I stated researching cameras and lenses and all that jazz it was really confusing and frustrating not knowing very much about any of it. I didn't know what to buy or what lenses to choose and it's all pretty intimidating because you're investing your money into it.. and not just a little but.. like a LOT. For me at least!

All I knew was that most of the photographers I admire use Canon cameras and all recommend similar lenses. So I started there. I bought the Canon 60D EOS to start out. So far I like it a lot but I haven't learned very much about it yet and I'm honestly too scared to start screwing with the IOS settings etc. I'm still completely lost as to what kinds of lenses I need or will use the most but I suppose its a shoot and miss kind of situation. For now I'm using a Canon EF 50mm lens as my go to (and only) lens. I realized very quickly what all the things I'd read about wide angle lenses were about after using this lens. You can NOT capture a wide image with this lens haha. 

What lenses do you shoot with? I'm open to recommendations about which lens to go with next. I'm stumped.

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  1. Mostly I use the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. Pretty sweet lenses.

  2. I just love your style of photography :) Your pictures are beautiful! -O


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