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pigs in satin

3:19 PMKathryn Curling

wow it's been an interesting two weeks...
aside from conrad and i both getting sick with strep throat and me getting horrible behind in school , it's been a monumental kind of time. i've got things worked around at work where i'm only working weekends and to where i can focus more on my other jobs. the amount of relief i feel is indescribable. i'm no longer forcing myself to sit down and finish homework and feeling guilty for taking the time out of my day to enjoy some good reading or a brilliant movie. Before I would've felt like shitake for taking time to relax because either this is due or I need to email this client back or the sink is full of dishes or because conrad wants to do legos. Now i can do mostly everything i NEED to do and most of the things that i WANT to do. DUDE HOW LIBERATING!

so expect big and marvelous things.  (Everytime I say marvelous I think of James and the Giant Peach and that grasshopper saying "MARVELOUS THINGS WILL HAPPEN". And then the glow worm says something about pigs wearing satin or something.)

ANYWAYS, yes, MARVELOUS things will happen. At least in my eyes, for me and my life. there's nothing more amazing and rewarding than working doing the things that you love. i want to blog more, learn more photography, network with other bloggers (THATS YOU) bring in more awesome clients, adventure to neat places, make new rad and interesting friends, grow as a designer and artist... overall i just want to experience life. no more wasting time being miserable doing things that I dislike.

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