cameras last week we

last week: cameras and sea shells.

8:59 AMKathryn Curling

So I finally splurged and bought a decent camera! (enter me doing the happy dance when it arrived on valentine's day last week) I've got a lot to learn but I'm loving it so far. Do you have any suggestions for canon lenses? I'm hoping this will be a tool that I will love and enjoy but will also be beneficial in a business sense down the line. I'm not posting any pictures taken with it yet because I still haven't gotten comfortable with it yet.. but SOON!

Last week the weather was finally nice enough to go to exploring around town and the park and we collected lots of feathers and seashells.  Also I am completely obsessed with avocados lately! I've been eating them with everything... egg sandwhiches, salads, tacos, chalupas.. mmm!

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