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6:40 AMKathryn Curling

Genuinely loving the work of Scott Albrecht lately. Never have I been to inspired by anyone's quotes or words in print. I feel almost as though he is speaking directly to me, about my life.. which is kind of the point in design right? Stumbled across his work in a magazine... super cool. Not only does he do some beautiful typographical work, he also does some sculpting and work with wood. I'm completely inspired by this dude today. 

So I'm sitting here looking at his work and thinking pondering once again how unhappy my job makes me and how all I want it sit in front of my computer and create and learn  and I stumble on this last one LITERALLY saying "QUIT YOUR DAY JOB" . Could it be anymore plain than that? Someone is trying to give me a sign I believe. hahaha. Hope you enjoy as much as I do! back to homework!


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