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Meet Hank The Australian Cattle Dog / Heeler - Our Newest Addition

10:46 AMKathryn Curling

I was digging through my cameras SD card and came across the adorable photos from the day we got this sweet guy and realized  I hadn't shared ANYTHING about him here on the blog. There's always room for cuteness here right?

Long story short, a friend of mine found this cutie rummaging around in the trash outside of Wal-Mart. She posted his picture on Facebook hoping to find the owner. I was instantly smitten and jumped at the opportunity to give him a home after she had no luck finding the owner.  For the past year and half Lola has been our only dog. We have two cats as well. Whether or not I've asked for it, Lola has become my dog and chooses me over Conrad in a heartbeat. I knew Hank would be HIS. He would be perfect for rompin' around outside and doing those typical "boy and his dog" things. I grew up with a Blue Heeler who was one of the best guard dogs we ever had.

I was very worried how Lola and Hank would take to each other, but we eased them into it and made sure to make her feel like she was still the alpha boss lady. Now they cuddle night and play all day. Its adorable. I've tried getting pictures of them together but they're usually running so fast I can't even get a good shot! We've had him about a month now and he's a blast. True to the Blue Heeler / Cattle Dog way, he likes to nip at your heels when you're playing but he's full of energy and love. He's got some learning to do, but he's awesome.

And yes, Conrad decided to name him after Hank The Cow Dog lol

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