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INSPIRATION: my inner child.

9:36 AMKathryn Curling

1//hidden passages and compartments.

i've always been obsessed with anything that is a secret. i used to hope that i would find someone's treasures hidden in a compartment of my antique dresser or in the pages of an old book. when i was a kid i used to pretend that there was a hidden door in my closet that led to my own personal world. i used to tell my friends when they came over about it, but only i could find it.

2//mysterious lands in my backyard.

when i was about 10 i started writing a book called "The Wicked Bushes" which was basically about a kingdom being behind the bushes and trees behind my house. There were monsters, treasure, talking plants and creatures and other crazy things.Think "Bridge to Teribithia" style or "Where The Wild Things Are" 

3//tents & teepees.

we always made tents, make shift teepees, first and "pillow lands." one of my favorites its what my dad called a "bubble tent". basically you take a box fan and attach a sheet to it and weigh the sheet down with books or anything heavy. the fan blows the sheet up and you have a bubble tent. its perfect in the summer when its hot. its become a family past time that is passed on from generation to generation haha. did anyone else do that or was it just us?

i guess i've always had a huge imagination... its fun now to do these same things with conrad. he has a huge closet that i'm dying to turn into something. i just need a whole lot of time. there never seems to be enough time.

well ta ta for now
kat ann


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