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6:40 AMKathryn Curling

1. warm yellow and orange colors on yet another snow day! i dont think i can remember when it snowed twice in one winter in texas!!! (the orange lipstick i was wearing in this picture is so fabulous.. i'm in love.)

2. on said snow day, i kept c-rad out of school and we had a lazy/movies/baking kind of day. those are my favorite days ever. we made cheesecake. yum.

3. registered for the spring semester. particularly excited about taking my advertising class. not excited about the prices of my books. 

4. lunch date with my man. occasionally we return to our first date place and recall and laugh at how funny and awkward it was since we are both extremely awkward, shy and loner types. i did bring my son on my first date with him so i know this guy is a keeper lol.

5. maybe its the cold weather but we've become movieholics lately! I'm more of the foreign & artsy type, my boyfriend is more of the Vin Diesel-sci fi action-guns blazing type, but the one kind of movie we can all agree on is anything animated lol. we love kid movies... 

6. my son insisted on getting all the Darth Vader gear on and using his light saber out in the pitch dark. it was pretty cool... i have to admit. he is sooo my child haha.

7. not pictured; i did a ton of revamping and adding to my portfolio page as well as creating a facebook page for my freelance work. I add tons of recent projects and student work to add. i'm happy to see the progress of myself as a designer. it was pretty necessary to refresh everything now that I'm advertising more. (Yes you can google "Graphic Designs for Greenville TX" and my name comes up first! thats a tiny dream come true for me) there were many many tiny things that I felt were huge milestones for me. I'm so excited for what is to come. 

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