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BIG CHANGES - a new adventure

4:47 PMKathryn Curling

I suppose I have some big news! I landed a job completely out of nowhere that could easily turn out to be my dream job. About two months ago I sent in my resume to a company that was hiring for a web designer position…They emailed me to call and speak with a certain individual and I did but he was busy at the time so I left a message. Forward a few days later out of nowhere I became incredibly, insanely busy in my freelance work so I didn't even think twice about following up with them and was a bit relieved that I hadn't because things were moving so quickly in the freelance world.

Last week I received a call from them to set up an interview… came to said interview and landed the job. I've been completely on the fence about this job from the start. I was already hesitant about it.. it was weighing heavy on me about how much I was going to miss my mon-friday days spent working from home… thrifting my little heart out… indulging in my tv series marathon addiction and simply being "free"…  I knew it would be great money  and it would  also allow me the opportunity to leave behind all of the part time jobs that I hated so much. (and by hate, I mean hate!) So with that said, I started my new web designer position this past monday…. and it was a bit chaotic figuring out who would pick my son up from school and how it was going to work out… and I felt completely in the dark because I was being thrown in to a world of computer programming that I was not used to.. (I'm technically a front end designer which means that I handle all the pretty stuff.) but by Friday I had a new view on it all and was excited to come back today. Not to mention I thoroughly enjoyed my two weekend days off!

So I cannot say that I know in my heart that I will be in this position forever, but I'm excited for the doors it can open for me. The company I'm working for is a super legit company with nearly half a century of experience. The office, while there are always those who you won't always see eye to eye with, is pretty great. We have an UNLIMITED stash of coffee and flavors, candy, snacks and sodas at our disposal and I could wear sweat pants to work if I wanted to. Of course, I'm having fun with the excuse to dress up every day.

I'm still continuing my freelance work but I'm having set limits for myself to know what I can take on while being in school and keeping my sanity. Who knows what the future holds but this feels like a great step for now. =)

tata for now guys


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  1. Oh wow congratulations that's awesome!!! Enjoy! And free candy and soda!!! We just have coffee ad fruit at our work.

  2. thanks Charlotte! I really hope it works out! I have to have to some self discipline for sure to not eat chocolate every day haha!


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