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11:02 AMKathryn Curling

After nearly two weeks of battling strep throat I'm finally well enough to blog and very thankful that it is over with. I feel incredibly blessed to be in good health as well as my family. What energy I did have went into trying not to get behind in school and work.

I'm grateful especially for this past year and how my life has grown. My relationship with my family has evolved. I'm grateful for my new job opportunities. My new job is going great! I couldn't ask for a better working environment. Freedom, cool people, food and overall chillness. We ordered breakfast from Cracker Barrell this morning and only have a half day tomorrow and we are off the rest of the week. I also found out we are off for two weeks at Christmas as well. This job really feels too good to be true, so naturally I am panicking because things usually ARE too good to be true. I keep waiting for the down side of things and am constantly second guessing my own abilities. I really need to learn to accept that things can go AMAZINGLY in my favor sometimes ( especially when I work hard and earn it). In the freelance department, I wouldn't have imagined that I would be where I am today a year ago.

We found yet another house that we have fallen in love with and it looks like this may finally be the one, but I've learned not to get my hopes up too high or try not to talk about it too much because of how quickly things can go sour. But we could possibly be in this one by Christmas if all goes according to plan.

Any special plans for Thanksgiving? I feel like it crept up on me after spending those two weeks in a medicated/painful haze. We are simply planning on spending the day at my parents for Thanksgiving this year. A relaxing, not hustle and bustle day with family and enjoying there rest of the weekend at home with my kiddo and man.

While I was sick I did A LOT of tv catching up. I finished off Dexter and started the new season of American Horror Story. I get really into tv series! If you have any good ones please share because I'm always looking for a new addiction haha.

I have a lot to share and catch up on. The picture above was a picture I snapped of Conrad while doing a Christmas photoshoot for my sister in law that I can't wait to share with you.

Tata for now.


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