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It's Been A Long Time Coming...

3:13 PMKathryn Curling

BUT, we are finally signing papers and putting our down payment down on our new home!!! It's got enough of that old house charm to satisfy my need for character and enough "new" to make my man be content with it. We are thrilled honestly... we've looked and went through the process so many times only to end up disappointed. So this is a dream come true. I can't wait to make it our own! It's a street over from the "historical" district of the town so it's a beautiful neighborhood.

Here are the Specs: 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths with a study and formal dining room. 3 car garage with separate upstairs apartment (OR STUDIO!) Including the apartment the house 2,849 sq. ft. So it's a big jump from our current 900 sq ft rental haha. I don't have any pictures of the house but here's a rough drawing of the layout that I have been virtually decorating already haha.

So in light of us moving and me REALLY dreading having to pack up my entire vintage inventory I'm having a moving sale/end of the year/ black friday/cyber monday whatever you want to call it sell. EVERYTHING is 50% off. See something you like? Message me any reasonable offer. =)  Use code MOVINGSALE13 at checkout for your 50% off discount.  Now is the perfect time to score yourself an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" for your party ;-)

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  1. Moving is such a pain, but it will be so great once you are settled in to your new home!


  2. It really is a pain, but I told my boyfriend that I wasn't moving again until we actually bought a house so hopefully this will be the last time for quite a while haha

  3. Congratulations, so excited for you!! Looks great :)

  4. Aaah, congratulations on finding your new home! What an exciting time, I look forward to seeing pictures of it :)

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  6. Rikki you better believe I will be sharing the progress and all kinds of decorating stuff haha. I'm so excited about that!


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