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It's so not Christmas yet..

1:52 PMKathryn Curling

1.Antler Ornament
2.Christmas Cupcake Trees!
3.Candy Cane Nail DIY 
4.Christmasy Nails
5.Sparkly Eyeliner For the Holidays
6.Custom Ornaments
7.Cranberry Crown
8.Yummy Homeade White Hot Chocolate
9.Party Decorating

So here it is December 19th and we're about 50% unpacked with not a single Christmas decoration in site except the Christmas tree which we JUST took out of the box haha. I'm not even sure where the decorations may be amidst the boxes haha. Not to mention that I can count the amount of Christmas presents that I've bought on one hand. I need to jump on it.  So in an attempt to find my holiday spirit here are a few of my favorite Christmas/Wintery decorating and DIY ideas that I've come across that quickly and very adorably will add some Christmas spirit to your world.  I'm really in love with #10's ideas for photobooth backdrop and other party decorating idea. I also can't wait to do my nails in a Christmas theme and bake lots of Christmas goodies! Do you have any great DIY ideas? Please share!  Time to go shopping!


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  1. That photobooth looks like so much fun and I am drooling over the White Hot Chocolate. Yum!!


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