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Christmas Photos: Rachel, Chris & Baby Lydia

12:02 PMKathryn Curling

Here's a quick little peak at a Christmas shoot that I did a couple weeks ago. I adore these wonderful people with all of my heart. Rachel, is basically the sister I never had and to be apart of something as special as their first Christmas photos as a family was very cool.  It was a super fun shoot because I've always wanted to take pictures at this adorable park in Rockwall, TX. They have a bit of everything there... a giant pond, woods, a huge pretty bridge, a couple of cute historical buildings, a tiny little cotton field (shown above) and lots of pretty natural places. We had fun even though it was a bit cloudy. I have to say little Lydia is the best baby I've ever seen!

On a personal note life is busy as always but this past week in particular with us moving and finals in full swing. If I make it though this week I have confidence that I can survive anything. I'm excited (like everyone else) to share some special Christmas things on the blog once I have time to breathe again!

Tata for now!

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  1. Those are such sweet photos, they're always going to treasure them.

  2. You have a lovely family. That dog tie is the bomb!

  3. Such beautiful pictures!!! So so sweet!

  4. Thanks ladies! I appreciate you all stopping by!

  5. That baby and the family in the Cotton Field... gah, you are makin' me miss East Texas.

  6. I was so excited when I saw the cotton field! gotta love good ol Texas!


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