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New Years Goals

4:45 PMKathryn Curling

In the years I've experience so far in my life.... this past year has by far been one of the most successful years for me. My shop took off,  I made the move to doing freelance and quit my day job and the work poured in, I got a great job offer that I couldn't turn down, and we finally moved into our home. It seems as though a lot of ADULT choices and events occurred and that is still surreal to me. (In my head I'm still that 18 year old artsy girl).  But there's only one direction to move and that is forward.

A Few Goals for 2014

*Focus more on my own mental/physical health & lifestyle: I was incredibly sick several times this year and it was no bueno. I need to take better care of myself. I definitely need to sleep more and eat healthier. I'm realizing more and more each day that I'm NOT that 18 year old girl that can live off of Monster energy drinks and Taco Bell.

*My personal website re design: (www.katcurling.com) It's definitely time for a face lift!

*Grow as a photographer: Experiment, take risks, push myself, learn new things

*Travel more:  We took a mini trip to Oklahoma this summer and we are now hooked on traveling. I'm still longing for a mini road trip with my best friend.

*Continue bringing in new clients and maintaining relationships with current clients.

*Promote & grow my shop: sell in a physical place like flea markets and shops.

* Make my new house my home. Decorate, paint, refurbish furniture and customize things to make this house my dream home.

Well I'm off to a cozy night at home with my family.  Happy New Year!


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