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Snow Day

12:09 PMKathryn Curling

The weather got pretty icy yesterday so the schools went ahead and plan to be closed for today. Luckily, at my new job we all planned not even to come in today. We woke up to an iceland. I had to run out and snap a few pictures of course. The trees look awfully pretty but they are falling down everywhere across the roads and powerlines. We went without power for about an hour this morning. We had planned to finish moving this weekend but looks like we'll be delayed a day due to the utilities transfer also being delayed. So today we'll enjoy this unexpected day together and stay warm. Couldn't have happened at a better time! At least I can finish cleaning up the old house and get some work done on my finals!

Tata for now folks! Stay warm!


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  1. These are beautiful pictures! Glad you were able to stay home today!

  2. Wow, your photography is SOO beautiful. I was in East Texas for a bit for college. Graduated from SFA. Some days I miss it.

  3. Thanks Aleshea! I was actually out at SFA a few weeks ago for a photo job. It's so beautiful there... a bit too far away from everything for me though haha.

  4. Gorgeous photos! Though stay safe, and good luck with finals!

  5. Thanks Charlotte! Is it pretty cold where you are?

  6. I remember several years ago I was living in Austin when there was a crazy ice storm that shut down the city for a few days. There were something like 300 fender benders the first day.

    Lovely photos!

  7. Texas and its crazy weather huh Amanda? haha


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