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7:29 AMKathryn Curling

It's a new year.. and it seems like everyone is trying to reinvent themselves... eat right.. lose weight.. change old bad habits etc.. It's all incredibly cliche to me... but starting fresh is something that really excites me... I've been thinking about this blog non stop the past few couple of weeks and where to go with it, the overall vibe, content, and who I am as a blogger.   I'm excited for 2014... but I'm hoping for much less stress and a lot more CALM. I spent so much of 2013 cramming in freelance work until 1 AM after getting off work from my day job and my piece of mind and life suffered. I struggled with constantly feeling guilt over not devoting myself more to my son and my home life. And throw college classes into that mix... well you get the idea.

 I found myself not enjoying the actual work itself  as much as I used to because of how stressed and guilty working made me feel.  I definitely will be focusing more on just relaxing and enjoying life and my family more.  With finishing up all of my current client projects I feel a very heavy weight being lifted off of my shoulders.  I already have a 8-5 job where I get to design work that I love that pays. consistantly.  Why spend my time stressing about work when the work day is over ?

I'm hoping this will mean more book reading, thrifting, adventures, movie marathon watching, mini road tripping, flea market hunting and blogging solely for fun and all things enjoyable. Of course I'm still volunteering for a few places and people but I'll be taking on freelance work VERY VERY selectively and NEVER more than is convenient. I'm very excited for my blog and shop to be my only REAL dedicated project outside of my job.  I'm looking very forward to this year with you guys!



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