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mood board : neon green & grundge

1:02 PMKathryn Curling

I had a great new project come in this past week! I've been very selective lately about what kind of work I take so that I don't get too busy and stressed with my 8-5 job and everything at home. I couldn't pass this one up though. I can't share too much yet, but here's my first round mood board (inspiration board).

The vibe of the project is a little bit grungy, masculine, strength, innovative, mechanical, and with a touch of 50's futuristic advertising thrown in there . The product is an innovative new idea geared towards men (and even some women) who work (and play) outside. Think adventurous ATV adventures and hauling massive loads across America.  I can't wait to share the end project with you.


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  1. Love the graphic green and black honeycomb - great job!

    1. Thanks! I definitely like the direction this project is heading!


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