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Loot Vintage Market Fun With Gypsy Beard & Tacey Sunshine Designs

8:26 AMKathryn Curling

The weekend before last my good friend Christy at Tacey Sunshine Designs & I popped up shop at Loot Vintage Market at Dallas Market Hall! It was 3 fun days of learning and meeting lots of lovely people! This was technically my first big market to be involved with so I was incredibly nervous and not very sure what to expect. I've done flea markets and had small little booths at downtown events but nothing on this scale!

Because we decided to do it so last minute we had to put our booth together pretty quickly and on the cheap. We also wanted something that would be very simple and quick to put up and take down. Basically what we ended up doing was constructing corner posts from pipes screwed down to blocks made from railroad ties. We then created "walls" with rows of twine strung from pole to pole. This came in handy because we could then clothespin things to the twine as well. Though it couldn't hold as much weight as I had hoped. Luckily I had a lot of display things already from when my brick and mortar was open. We did end up making another clothes rack for this event though. I think our booth neighbors were very jealous at how quickly we were able to break everything down haha. Next time I think we'll get a little more elaborate now that we have more time.

I made some new friends and got to see some old friends as well. The lovely lady next to us makes the MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY! (Shown above) I had to snag one of her bracelets before the weekend was over. You can check her out on Instagram.

Needless to say it was an adventure, but we had a blast and I am now addicted to doing market shows!! Hopefully we will have another big show coming up in Dallas in November but I'm waiting for that to be set in stone.

Thank you to everyone who came out! We'll be seeing you again soon hopefully!

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  1. I've been to the Loot Market once in Dallas. Loved it! Glad your experience went well. Stacie xo

  2. Thanks for the mention Gypsy Beard! We were very jealous of how quickly you guys were able to setup and pack up�� No matter how hard I try, it's always a long process. I am also obsessed with your beautiful vintage collection. I hope to see you ladies at another show soon!

  3. Loot! I love it. Looks like a fun shopping experience.

    1. Oh yes! It definitely was! There were so many pretty things! From home decor and clothing to yummy food and drink mixes. It was very unique!

  4. um, COOL! wish I would have known about it- I would have come!
    Southern Elle Style

  5. Don't worry they'll be having another show before Christmas I believe. I'll be sure to post more about it! :-)


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