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Fit & Happy Tuesday 1.1 Week - 2 Feed Your Soul

7:44 AMKathryn Curling

Last week I decided to start a new featured called Fit & Happy Tuesday geared towards motivating myself to get healthy mentally and physically and for tracking my progress and goals. Last month I laid out my long term goals as well as goals for this past week. It's helped having these goals in the back of my mind as I go throughout my day to day life.

So here's how it went this past week with my week one goals.

- Limit TV/Computer time to only 1 hour a night. I definitely cut back on TV a LOT this past week. I don't know if it was exactly an hour but it was definitely a lot less time. Baby steps! haha

-Begin Yoga This did not happen. I thought about it but I let procrastination and laziness get in the way. It was a busy week but that's no excuse. There's a new yoga place in town that I think might actually want to join but we'll see....

 -Cut Out Fast Food I caved twice. I'm going to have to plan meals better and grocery shop more strategically, otherwise fast food is going to be a huge problem for me. On the plus side though I didn't get fast food several days for lunch at work like I usually do.

-Spend At Least 30 Minutes A Day Doing Something Cardiofied This past week I was definitely more active. I didn't get in any jogging or soccer, but we did take a few walks and did a lot of shopping. Walking around a mall for 3 hours surely has to count as exercise because I'm always exhausted after that. I had a market last weekend so spent a lot of time heavy lifting and on my feet standing for several hours at a time. We also went indoor skydiving and I was brutally sore in my arms the next few days after that.

-Begin Cutting Out As Much Sugar & Caffein As Possible I did great knocking out energy drinks and Dr.Pepper this past week. Coffee will always be my friend though I think. Again, baby steps! 

-Clean Out The Pantry & Fridge Luckily all of the sweets were gone before I wrote last weeks post. We aren't big chip eaters either so that helps. Aside from Christmas cookies I don't think we'll keep anything sweet around for quite awhile. 

-Begin A Cleanse I made it three days haha. Better than nothing though!

-Declutter Mentally & Physically I can already say that once I set my mind on being more positive and happy that I've noticed a difference in my attitude. I'm feeling more confident in myself and realizing my self worth. I'm standing up for myself and loving others more. Decluttering the house will have to wait for this week haha.

-Trying Something & Go Somewhere New We went indoor sky diving and it was awesome! We went to iFly Dallas in Frisco and it was a blast. My parents paid for it as my birthday present this year. It was definitely the most daring thing I've ever done. I can't wait to do it again or to try something else new. Our instructor was an awesome dude and really made the experience memorable. He even let my son walk out and check the "tunnel out and explained it all to him even though he didn't participate.

- Enjoy Thanksgiving. So it's really hard thinking about being healthy and all that Thanksgiving week. Regardless, I think its important to not over do it. I plan on enjoying Thanksgiving. I probably won't eat a piece of every pie though.

-Feed On Feeding My Heart & Soul I plan to focus on spending time with family and friends this week and really soaking in their love and company. I'll be attending a Friendsgiving this weekend too and I cannot wait. Great food and great people is what its all about.

-Cutback On Meat
So I don't think I'll ever be able to be a vegetarian, but I really like the idea of cutting back how much meat we consume. My son could live off fruit and vegetables but not me. I think we could do 3 days a week without meat.

-Spend 30 Minutes Every Day Being Active I think I'll keep this goal permanently. Now if I could just get my treadmill fixed.....

 -Cut Out Fast Food I'm going to keep at this one too.

-Get Rid Of The Things We Don't Need
I've got a 5 day weekend! This week I'm going to focus on creating a peaceful home. (As peaceful as a place can be that in inhabited by a boston terrier and a 7 year old boy). I plan to clean out closets and get rid of unneeded things. This is the perfect time to donate old clothes and toys. This will also get rid of the stress I experience with clutter and looking for things last minute!

-Go Somewhere New This week I think I'll focus on going somewhere new. Surely my 5 day weekend will allow for exploring somewhere new. New places always inspire me and get my brain turning. 

-Spend an hour drawing / painting There is something so relaxing and therapeutic about getting into my artistic zone. It's been too long.

That is it for week two. What struggles have you faced in getting healthy and happy? If you want to join in on this with me or blog along let me know in the comments! I'll be tracking my journey on Instagram & Twitter with hashtag #fitandhappytues


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