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New Feature - Fit & Happy Tuesday 1.0 Getting Fit & Happy

9:12 AMKathryn Curling

New feature alert! I've never been one to really blog DIY's or fitness and food posts, but I've been doing some soul searching lately and know that I need to get healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.  Losing weight and relieving stress will definitely be key goals in the long run, but my main focus is cleansing myself inside and out and feeling better emotionally and physically.  A huge motivation factor for me is being held accountable, sort of like having a gym buddy. If I know someone is expecting something of me, I'm much more apt to complete something. So I'm telling everyone, including the blog world!

Mostly for my benefit and for anyone else who may be inspired to join in on this with me I'm going to be breaking down my goals & tracking my accomplishments each week. I'm going to talk about about my struggles both emotionally and physically with you guys and hopefully you can either relate or offer your own advice. I am NO doctor or diet expert guys. I'm just trying to get happy & healthy in a way that works for me.


- Feeling Healthier & Having More Energy
- Weight Loss
- Establish Healthier Eating Habits
- Gaining Confidence In My Physical Appearance & Abilities
- Cleansing My Attitude of Negative Energies
- Ridding My Body & Home Of Harmful Foods & Chemicals
- Spend Less Time On The Computer & TV & More Outside/Being Active
-Completely Cut Out Fast Food & Junk Food
-Declutter My Life

- Limit TV/Computer time to only 1 hour a night. This is a really big deal for me guys. I love getting caught up in TV shows and as a freelance designer & photographer, a great deal of my time is spent here. I want to spend more time feeding my soul with books, nature, painting and traveling.

-Begin Yoga I've always wanted to do yoga! I've played around with it on the Wii, but I'm really looking forward to the quiet time. Maybe I can join a class somewhere down the line.

 -Cut Out Fast Food The struggle is real here guys. With busy life only feeding two people, the convenience of swinging by and picking up something quick is hard to say no to but its a must if I want to change.

-Spend At Least 30 Minutes A Day Doing Something Cardiofied 30 minutes may not seem like much, but it's much more than what I'm doing now! With a kid to play with and a dog to walk, hopefully this will come easy enough. 

-Begin Cutting Out As Much Sugar & Caffein As Possible After reading about how Cancer lives off sugar, I've become even more determined to limit as much sugar as I can from my diet naturally. Bring on the soda headaches. 

-Clean Out The Pantry & Fridge Removing temptations will be huge for me. If there are cookies, they will be eaten. While we're at it, can we just relocate McDonald's to the other side of town please?

-Begin A Cleanse I'm going to attempt my first cleanse/detox this week! Cleanses & fasts are something I'm not comfortable telling anyone to do. If not done correctly you could end up in the hospital. I know basically nothing about them. Luckily I have a few great friends who are helping me in this department with juicing etc. If you are interested I highly recommend finding a group you can join and doing your own research. Always listen to your body. 

-Declutter I'm going to begin decluttering my heart, head and home of all unwanted and irrelevant things in order to move forward with a fresh start. Too bad you can't have an emotional garage sale right? I'll be putting my metaphorical garbage out to the curb!

-Trying Something & Go Somewhere New I'm going to be attempting to trying something new every week that pushes me out of my comfort zone whether its physically or emotionally. I can be quite an introvert so there's much room to grow here. 

That's it! I'll share with you guys next Friday what challenges I faced and what I accomplished! If you want to join in on this with me or blog along let me know in the comments! I'll be tracking my journey on Instagram & Twitter with hashtag #fitandhappytues


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  1. What a great way to share your goals. Thank you for sharing and spreading the motivation.

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope I helped motivate someone else other than just myself!


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