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Instalife Lately: Graveyards, Bunnies & History

7:51 AMKathryn Curling

If I could sum up Instalife Lately in 3 words they'd be: spring, school and design.

I've been spending all of my free time lately doing genealogy and I'm so obsessed. I've been taking mini trips out to cemeteries and towns where my ancestors were born, lived and died and it's been very cool. Finding where you come from and putting faces and names together is very surreal. I highly recommend to anyone to start! Once you do, you'll be hooked!

The rest of life has been filled with family shindigs, design work and school. My parents decided to finally get rabbits at their house so now Conrad is super attached to them. <3 I've been helping a friend with all of her wedding invites, print materials and what not so that's kept me busy. I also have some really amazing design projects going on. I'll share those as they are completed. School is going really great and I'm excited to finish the semester out.

The leaves are all over the trees in the yard and I'm loving it. The bluebonnets are everywhere and everything is just thriving... and I'm sneezing of course. I'm excited for Spring and Summer. I've got good feelings about it. Adventures and new things ahead. 


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  1. That's pretty awesome that you've been following on all this genealogy. Ooh cemeteries, that has to be an interesting trip, they can be quite fascinating.

    1. They really are! If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be visiting them for fun I'd probably look at you weird, but it's been an incredible experience.

  2. my grandfather was obsessed with genealogy. it's so cool!
    Southern Elle Style

    1. That's great for you if you ever decide to do research! Hopefully he didn't most of the work for you. My grand parents didn't even know where their parents were born so its been tough haha.


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