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Vintage Look Book & Photo Shoot Inspiration

10:57 AMKathryn Curling

I've got a lot of great posts coming soon, but things have been busy with the shop and school things and let's be honest, once the weather starts to cool down, I get in "snuggle up and binge watch New Girl mode". SO I've scrambling trying to get posts finished for next week. So sorry for the lack of posting. I am however stoked to share an upcoming project I will be working with some of my new lovely friends on.

I've thrown the idea of doing a photo shoot and making a look book with the clothes from my shop around for quite some time now (even when I was just selling on etsy). Now the idea is quickly becoming a reality! I've got some great, beautiful ladies who have volunteered to model and do hair and make up!  Everyone loves pretty pictures and all of the girls I've had volunteer for this so far love dressing up and posing just as much as I do so it feels like a win win situation! I've had a lot of fun planning and pinning so far. Here's some of my inspiration for the shoot.
 Obviously I'm leaning towards a dark, nature theme. I plan on using a lot of the old cameras and radios that I have but my mom's friend offered to let us use her old Model T in the photos too! We have a really cool old train station right down the road from the shop so I'm excited for what we can do! And it's the perfect time to do a photo shoot now that the weather is starting to cool off.

What do you think would be a good idea for something to do in a shoot, props, locations etc? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Much love!

Image Sources:
1. Woman With "Head Dress"
2. Woman With Blue Hat (The hats in her etsy are SO dreamy!)
3. Pink Haired Flower Girl
4. Rehead In The Bushes
5. Girl In The Purple Flowers
6. Suitcase Lady
7.Picnic Girl
8. Train Station girl

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