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Halloween & Birthday Happenings - Photo Booths, Food & Music

9:05 AMKathryn Curling

It was a busy weekend and boy am I glad it's over haha. Between getting our costumes finished and the shop decorated for halloween AND my birthday party, I'm whooped this week. Halloween evening we handed out candy at the shop for the annual "Halloween On The Square". I did a little mini Photo Booth outside. It wasn't too successful but I did get some cute photos out of it! We went trick or treating in our neighborhood afterwards. Conrad was so excited to be the Star Lord for halloween. I was a piƱata and my boyfriend was Nacho Libre. My costume was a but of a pain to make because I kept running out of hot glue sticks, but it was very simple apart from that.  Lola was super woman of course! After the candy high wore off, Conrad passed out on the couch watching Casper.

My party turned out adorable. It was a blast and everything turned out really well. It was freezing cold on my birthday so I definitely think that kept a lot of people at home and kept the evening shorter than it would've otherwise been, but the band, October 5th, was FANTASTIC and the food was yummy. I made this recipe for some yummy Apple Pie Moonshine. I made the cute little heart shaped lights behind the band. I really got to see how wonderful our back patio space can be and the potential it has for future events and fun times.

 Now I've gotta make it through Christmas! Luckily there's still a handful of weeks til that. lol

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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