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7:16 AMKathryn Curling

Something that I have been obsessing over lately is the word: QUALITY.

Webster defines QUALITY as: " a high level of value or excellence" .

 I'm not a perfectionist, and I'll be honest, I've put work out there in all aspects of my work that I know could've been better or that wasn't true to me. Whether its because of clients wishes or lack of time, putting out work that doesn't live up to your standards is no fun and it haunts you. You wake up in the middle of the night with epiphanies of how you could have/ should have done something differently. Whether the work is awesome or not, I still will always be my own worst critic.

Anyways, back to the word QUALITY. In bold and all caps. Something I want to strive for more than ever is quality in my work, presentation and image. During my MUCH needed vacation from my office day job I plan on focusing a lot on ways to do that. From the content of my portfolio, footers on my invoices to the look of my new web site (coming soon!) I want to radiate quality.

Blogging is another aspect that I want to apply this concept to its fullest. I want everything that I write to be meaningful and helpful to you all. I want to inspire you all and show you what I'm all about. 

This all means stepping back and planning and taking the time to effectively see my goals and what it will take to reach those goals instead of spontaneously doing things like I usually do. I do love me some planning so I'm excited to see what methods work best for me.

What does QUALITY mean to you and how do you measure it in your work and life?

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