Winter To Do List: Relax and Dream

11:35 AMKathryn Curling

I posted a while back about how excited I am that our office is closed from December 22nd - January 2nd, so I technically have 16 days straight of no having to go into the office. It's exciting to get some true free time with Conrad and real time to focus on the shop. I hope we can just have fun.  Of course I'll be busy with the shop and enjoying some laziness too. Here's what I hope to get done and do over the winter break. 

1. Deep Clean & Declutter Conrad's room, office, my bedroom and living room.
2. Shop branding complete.
3. Launch the new Gypsy Beard Studio Web Site! Eeeeek!
4. Watch lots of TV (My winter break watch list!)
5. Do some inspirational, motivational business reading.
6. Work on upcoming product designs! (more on that later!)
7. Bring in new awesome handmade accessories: head bands, jewelry, beanies, scarves, etc
8. Go on a mini vintage buying adventure!
8. Brainstorm productivity and marketing strategies for the new year.
9. Plan upcoming events & fundraisers (I've got big ideas as always!)
10. Take Conrad somewhere special like Legoland
11. Give a facelift to a client's web site
12. Bake lots of Christmas Cookies
13. Rearrange shop!

That's it SO far, but I know there's tons more to do. I'm at the shop as we speak putting it off lol. Anyhoo........

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