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Talking About Money - Money Is Energy

7:16 AMKathryn Curling


2015, let's just say that its been rough so far. Financially and personally. The novelty of owning a my own business is wearing off and I feel myself finally caving a bit to the exhaustion of working two jobs 7 days a week. The shop has been open almost 6 months so the "new car" smell has worn off and its really time to start treating it like a business, and not just my "dream". Even though my shop is both my dream and my business, it's been pretty easy to sit back and enjoy the fun of it all. But now that we aren't so new anymore and people are starting to know who we are, it's a different battle.  We have to tweak our advertising and bring in new products to get people coming back as well as get new customers in my door.

This was also the first year that I filed my taxes as a contract worked PLUS a business owner.  (I'm technically a contract worker at my day job. ugh!) That was a HUGE change for me this year and definitely a learning experience. Though it could've definitely gone worse, it was not like the previous years where I got my refund and was able to to cover all those extra costs and debts. I have to treat my money very different now that I am a business owner.

I've been following the podcast "Love Being Boss" by two wonderful biz ladies that I really admire: Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. Anyways, this particular podcast titled "What To Do When You're Freaking Out About Money", which I am and was doing at the time. (Don't you just love when you come across the right inspirational post at exactly the right time when you need it?!)  And this quote stood out to me:

Basically, you should treat money like energy. In the science world, or Wikipedia, energy is defined like this: energy is a property of objects, transferable among them via fundamental interactions, which can be converted into different forms but not created or destroyed.

If you think about money as being energy, it is easier to wrap your mind on how to bring in and give off energy.  And just like a house, you have to have the capacity to handle the amount of energy you want to receive and use. You don't want to go flipping breakers or burning down your house by not managing your energy correctly.  They explain it much better than I do, but it was very eye opening. 

If money has ever stressed you out in your business or personal life, I highly recommend giving them a listen. They have so many wonderful business tips.  

So I guess my personal homework is how I can attract more energy, create energy and in turn share that energy. Have you learned anything personally or professionally about money? What has your business taught you about managing money? 

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