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What's In A Brand? Branding Your Business

8:12 AMKathryn Curling

So you have a product or a business idea aye? What's the next step? It's time to brand yoself fool. (I hope you said that in your best Mr. T voice) "What's in a brand?" You ask? I'll break it down for you.

 Your brand is the face and the promise you are making to your audience and potential customers.  You brand is made up of many different aspects that convey a vibe.  The "vibe" of your brand is translated through the use of communicative tone, imagery, color, sound, behavior, and public interaction.

Your brand can be conveyed through, but not limited to, the following:

  • Web Site Design
  • Blog Design & Tone
  • Logo & Graphics
  • Business Cards, Brochures, Posters & Other Print Materials
  • Social Media Pages & Interaction
  • Business Practices (Think Toms & donating shoes)
  • Business Ethics (Being environmentally friendly)
  • Your Brick & Mortar or Office

Your brand is initially created by YOU, whether you are aware of that or not. How you conduct your business, deal with customers and create your products or services defines your brand. Maybe you only use all natural, organic ingredients in your cupcakes. Maybe you handmade all of your furniture and only use environmentally safe paint. Maybe your business was started by your great, great, great, great grandfather who immigrated from Brazil with nothing in his pockets and a dream. These things that make your business unique, scream your brand.

What I do, is take what I learn about you and turn it into something visual and interactive. From a logo and web site design, to business cards or custom blog & social media pages. These things all form together to show your audience who you are and why you are special. I want to tell your story. If you are in need of branding and web site design services check out my portfolio and give me a shout here.

Did I leave anything out that you feel is important to your brand or from your personal experience as a designer? I'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions! If you are looking for someone to help establish your brand or take it up a notch, let's talk!

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  1. I'm going to date myself, but I heard Mr. T's voice in your opening line. Good information and making me think what vibe I have. I know what I want it to be. One question - when should you go through a rebranding and how should it be handled?

    1. I totally heard it in Mr.T's voice too! Unfortunately that was not the case when I googled the phrase lol!

      When it comes to RE-branding, its never too late or too soon to re-brand yourself. If you have a clear vision of how you see yourself or just know that you could be better, then go for it! You're only holding yourself and your audience back from potential awesomeness by not doing so.

      If you already have a pretty substantial following or "recognition" with your current brand and worry about losing that, than its always possible to subtly re-brand yourself. But, sometimes its better to simply start fresh. It all depends on the situation.

      If you are thinking about re-branding I have some helpful tips up on my web site about preparing for a design project:

      I hope I answered your questions! :-)

  2. Great intro! Branding is something I want to work on this year

    1. Thanks for stopping by Pristine! Good luck with your branding! I'd be happy give you some guidance if you move forward with it!

  3. Man, I wish I UNDERSTOOD this! I am the most inept blogger you are ever likely to meet! Your page is beautiful.

    1. Hahah Ronda! Luckily there are folks like me that can help!


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