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The Betty Draper Collection - Mad Men Vintage Fashion

9:32 AMKathryn Curling

Welcome back for another Mad Men Vintage Collection post! If this is your first time reading the feature, it's where I take fabulous vintage pieces from my Etsy shop that would fit each character's style. In previous posts I've shared our Joan Holloway , Megan Draper  and Peggy Olson collections.

By far my favorite Betty Draper scene. Hands down.

Can I just say... How about that ending for Betty in the shows season finale? Wow. That phone call between Don & her towards the end was intense. I cried so many times in the finale. *sniff* Anyhoo...

 This post I'm going to share pieces from my unofficial "Betty Draper Collection". We see Betty Draper as both the stay at home quintisential 50's housewife ( add lots of alcohol, smoking and anger issues to that) and the trophy wife at Don's side for all his formal events. As the show and decades progress, her style doesn't change as much as other characters.  She spends a lot of time wallowing in self pity in beautiful nightgowns.  From casual a line dresses and nightgowns to stunning gowns worthy of the Golden Globes, Betty was always stunning and in style as well as a hot mess. Though I have to admit, her personality always made her character unattractive.

Shop These Looks Below:

Long Sleeved Pink Floral Dress 
Green Floral Gown (Sold)
White & Silver Night Gown
PInk Night Gown  
 Sleeveless Floral Dress
Pink & Lace Dress
Yellow Skirt
Teal Print Dress  
Yellow Shorts
White & Floral Night Gown
Blue Nightie (Coming Soon!)
Purple & Pink Jacket
Pea Green Fur Coat
Brown Plaid Tench Jacket

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  1. Gorgeous! I haven't started watching Mad Men yet but I do love the fashion from that era.

    1. Oooh me too! The home decor and fashion is such a great part of the show! You'd love it! You should watch!

  2. Love it! I have never watched the show but it's one I've thought about recently that I need to get into

    1. You should! It's amazing! And now that its officially over you can binge watch it without having to wait.

  3. Now I need to check out your Joan Holloway collection - I love how she owned those curves. I can see Betty wearing that blue dress and the brown plaid-looking jacket. I thought the finale was wonderful, and Don still ended up being an ad man through and through.

    1. Oh man she definitely owned her curves! I love her! I always loved Betty's fashion. I agree the finale was wonderful! I cried so many times haha. It was as fulfilling as a finale can be.

  4. I'm loving this collection. Do the alkeehol and gun come with it? ;)

  5. OOhhh Betty! I loved her style in the show. I wish I could mope around is such beautiful nightgowns!


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