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2:34 PMKathryn Curling

In my recent post about freelancing I mentioned that I had recently revamped the Gypsy Beard Web Site! (Swing by and check it out!) I also talked about BRANDING recently as well. So I wanted to dedicate a post to talking about the Gypsy Beard Brand.

Now, I can design for other people all day, but for some reason when it comes to branding myself, it gets incredibly tricky. I struggled for nearly a year with branding my shop before it ever felt right. I was torn between very clean and modern and very funky and fun.  I think I ended up finding a healthy medium but a bit more on the clean side with surprise bursts of funk.  Can I coin that phrase? lol

For my brand, what I ended up with was a simple black and white site with splashes of coral, teal, and mustard yellow. I knew for typography I wanted a grungy hand lettered style but that I didn't want to follow the current trends of cursive or watercolor.  I wanted to subtly incorporate funky textures and pattens into the web site design as well without overwhelming the viewer. I also knew that for my web site I wanted the main focus to be beautiful photos. Being a bit of a "Jill of all trades" has really paid off for me in my recent business ventures. I was able to get some great photos for the web site and the "look book" though I still need to do a lot more.

You may have noticed in my post about freelancing that I'm moving in a more client friendly direction with my web design and doing customized CMS web sites through Word Press, Square Space & Shopify. This has been a anxious but AMAZING transition for me. So I started off with a wonderful template from over at for my site.

There's much more room for improvement but I'm so happy to have finally settled on a solid brand and web site design.  You have no idea the struggle I've had lol!

If you have any questions about branding or would like get to work BRANDING or REBRANDING yourself let's chat


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  1. I've gone through three templates as well and I've even thought of a new name, but we can't use it yet, so rebranding will have to wait a little while. I like the colors and the designs on the blog, it does look fun and funky.

    1. Thank you Christina! It's definitely a struggle! But when its right you'll know it and feel it!


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