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Secret Garden In The City - Backyard Garden & Landscaping Inspiration

9:52 AMKathryn Curling

Since I was little girl, I've been in love with the book The Secret Garden. I was one of those girls who was always looking for fairies in the woods and secret passageways in my house. After reading lots of Jane Austen books and visiting New Orleans and seeing all of the lovely courtyards and gardens, I've become even MORE obsessed. Once I became a homeowner, the possibility of creating my own secret garden has totally put me back into my whimsical fairy dream world.

I'm starting with absolutely NOTHING in my back yard, but I'm determined to turn it into a lovely "secret" place for my family and I. Complete with hidden doors, a little bit of The Shire, and yes, maybe even fairies. Just saying. I don't have even the slightest green thumb so this will be an adventure for me. I'm thinking mostly climbing roses, ivy and hydrangeas.

Image Sources:
Rose Arches
French Quarter Courtyard
Citrus Trees
Wicker Furniture
Climbing Roses
Hidden Door
Climbing Roses & Secret Door

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  1. I just love hydrangeas! My grandmother had one of those immaculately beautiful yards

    1. I'm not going to lie, I had NO IDEA what a hydrangea was until I started researching what I wanted in my yard. I absolutely love them now! I'm definitely going to go with one of those gardens that can kinda go wild... like climbing vines and roses because I already know that I need something low maintenance. lol

      Thanks for stopping by Alicia!

  2. Oh wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! I can see how you'd like to replicate them Can't wait to see what you come up with. Stacie xo

    1. Thanks Stacie! I'm excited and nervous. This will definitely be a learning experience for me!

  3. Looking forward to see the finished garden. This will be stunning, I'm sure.

  4. Those look amazing - I couldn't imagine putting that much time and effort into my garden. I love looking at other people's though!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. haha believe me Megan my flower beds have been full of grass and weeds since we bought our house 2 years ago. I've never really been into gardening or landscaping but I've FINALLY found the motivation to get it done. I've always wanted to have awesome backyard BBQ's but my backyard has always been such a mess. I also want my son to kind of see our yard as a mystical place to explore and go on adventures.

      Thanks for stopping by Megan!


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