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Photo Shoot with Tacey Sunshine - Floral Crowns & Feather Head Dresses

8:28 AMKathryn Curling

I feel like things have been bustling lately. I've never used to word "bustling" before, but it feels very appropriate. Lots of exciting things are happening and in the works. I've been collaborating with so many amazing people lately and I'm feeling like this is just the beginning. Hopefully! 

Anyhoo, I shared the rad new logo that I worked on with the amazing lady over at Tacey Sunshine earlier this week. We got together and styled a shoot to showcase her lovely crows & pretties. It's always a blast photographing her. It was hot and humid but we managed to get some good photos. (You may recognize her from all my previous vintage shoots)

Happy Friday all! Be sure to check out her shop!


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  1. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely be checking out her site :)

    1. Definitely do! She has some wonderful creations!

  2. Oh My gosh! I am in LOVE with these floral crowns! They're GORGEOUS!

    1. Aren't they?! I love them! I've already got her making me a few custom orders lol

  3. This shoot is stunning. I am pretty much in love with the flower crowns! :]

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