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Mini Valentine's Day Shoot - Glitter & Balloons

6:55 AMKathryn Curling

 The weather was so lovely this past weekend I had to get out and do something! We ended up pulling together this fun little Valentine's Day inspired shoot. I'm loving the metallics, pinks, reds and purples. It was a super fun day that made for some dreamy photos. Most of the items you see in these pictures are for sale in the etsy shop!

Thanks for looking! Yes that's me at the end with the purple hair! I don't post too many actual photos of myself so enjoy it while you can haha! I hope you feel inspired to get in the Valentine's Day spirit!

Floral Dress
Pink/Black Bow Blouse
Infant Flamingo Top
Sequin Jacket Coming soon!

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  1. Love the white skirt. Would so wear it!

    1. Me tooo! I love that tutus are in style and acceptable for adults haha!

  2. You are too cute!! I love these photos with the fam. The balloons are so festive. Adorable!

    1. Aww thanks Cameron! We were definitely feeling the Valentine's Day vibes!


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