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The Love Letter Project - Write A Love Letter This Valentine's Day

8:16 AMKathryn Curling

I'm sitting here pinning beautiful, dreamy Valentine's Day inspired things today. I'm thinking about the idea behind the day and brainstorming how to style an upcoming Valentine's Day themed photo shoot. I'm thinking about making Valentine's Day card printables for the blog.Yes. My mind is constantly racing with ideas, inspiration, colors, textures and about a million other things.  All of you can relate to that right? I hope so. haha! Anyways... I came across a blog with pretty Valentine related printables in lovely calligraphy and watercolor styles and I was just overcome with the melancholy that so plagues hopeless romantics like me. What I wouldn't give to just receive a love letter that is handwritten and thought out by someone who truly cares for me and all of my flaws.

Now, I read a lot of Jane Austen books and and I've watched Pride & Prejudice more times than I'm comfortable admitting. And I still cry every time. It makes me sad that my generation doesn't experience the same sort of courting that people used to. Texting and emailing, while amazing for communication has somewhat destroyed the importance of a simple, handwritten letter. Remember when you were in elementary / jr high and your crush would write you one of those simple "Do You Like Me? Check YES or NO." notes? Our grandparents and older generations probably have boxes of old love letters lying around (so I'd like to believe) and our generation will never experience that. "ILY" in a text is hardly romantic compared to a page of feelings towards someone. What I wouldn't give to experience that same kind of joy from a letter. I'd take a letter over flowers or candy any day.

So I'm challenging you. Yes you. All of you! Regardless of what ritual you may have for your special someone at Valentine's Day, consider writing them an actual letter. Tell that person all of the things that you notice about them.. like the way they look when they're thinking hard about something, the way they laugh when they think no one is listening. Tell them how much you love it when they hold you or brush your hair out of your eyes. Tell them the things you appreciate about them.  Remind them of the reasons why you fell in love with them in the first place.

Even if you don't have a certain someone special to writer a letter to, consider writing one to a family member, grandparent or even your children! Maybe you have a friend who is particularly bummed about being single this Valentine's Day. Brighten their day with a friendly note about how much you appreciate their friendship and them doing all of the awkward hilarious things that friends so often do.

If you do this, please let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear their reaction! And yes, I am accepting any and all love letters you'd like to send! >< hahaha!

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  1. This is actually a pretty good idea! I bought a Valentine's TMNT card at Target because I thought I would send it to my lil almost three year old nephew and godson because we both love the current Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon, but now I'm thinking I should include a lover letter to his mom, my sister, who has been through alot with her two boys. Hospital stays and stuff.

    1. Definitely! You never know how it can change someone's day or week! Any kind of thoughtfulness is appreciated, especially when you are feeling alone or stressed. You're a great sister/aunt!

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  2. I love hand written notes! To me they have more meaning and value because of the time and effort that goes into creating it!

    1. Exactly! I think that's the main point of it all. To put more thought into it and actually create something tangible that someone will cherish forever! <3

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