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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things : #2016yearofart

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So my amazingly talented, nice, stylish, handsome, saintly artist friend Caleb Jacks always does the coolest sketch series depending on the month or holiday season. (You might recognize him from us sharing a booth at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market in November.) For October her participated in an  "#Inktober" challenge where he drew a fun piece every day using only ink and he did a series of Christmas sketches. I admire his commitment because my track record for doing anything is consistently is weak. For 2016, he's taken on the challenge of creating art every day.  Check out his art work and give him a follow!

I'm going to take a whack at it with my own twist. I'm a few days behind but that's how I roll. I'm going to do mini illustrations (digital & traditional) of things that make me happy. Even the smallest. Whether it's the sour pickles at the movies or making a fort with Conrad, I wan't to recreate it. Hopefully, at the end of the year I'll have a huge book of the little things that make up a happy life. If you are creative in any way, I highly encourage you to take part! Whether you crochet or make jewelry, find some way each day to feed your creativity and push yourself. I'd LOVE to see! I'm hoping this will push me to think outside the box and to be creative every day.

I'll probably bulk post these once a month or so but daily as I complete them on my personal Instagram account. And I may do a few in one day. Don't hate. Follow along with Caleb and I and the rest of the artists on Instagram using #2016yearofart.

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  1. Can't wait to see the things you love. Impressive goals, girl! Go get 'em!


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