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Fit & Happy 1.6 - It's been a while... but I bought a Ukulele!

6:53 AMKathryn Curling

Fit & Happy where have you been? I've been slacking lately! Truth be told I've been insanely busy with school starting back up and launching the new Gypsy Beard web site! Also, I been getting swarmed with questions and new design clients, which is so so exciting! This is my busiest season to date and it's only January! Anyways, in case you've missed it, each Tuesday I'm writing my goals and recapping the previous week's goals in my journey towards mental and physical health/happiness. You can find the previous posts here.

So here's a recap on my recent goals and how well I followed through.

- Incorporate Goals Into A Daily To Do list. I cannot tell you how much this helped! For the most part, every goal I make that doesn't get accomplished is because I forget to pursue it! I set an alarm on my phone for several important tasks such as the days I want to work out, plan meals, set aside time for painting or music etc.

-Studio / Shop Room I made small progress here. But there's still a lot to be done. Ideally, I'll have a full functioning photography studio that I can break down and reassemble quickly.

-Continue To Make Healthy Food Choices
I caved again and have eaten fast food a few times since I quit. :-( I regretted it as soon as I ate it too! I felt so horrible! I felt like my body hated me for it. I felt tired and gross and heavy. It's important to listen to what your body says, and mine was definitely telling me "Screw you for eating that cheeseburger! What are you doing to me?"

-Get out! Sadly our trip got pushed back due to our schedule. Oddly enough though, I have one class that I have to drive an hour away for that has really done wonders for me mentally. When you have a job with very little physical human interaction, go to school online and most of your friends live across the country it can be lonely! Getting out and interacting with likeminded people has been healthy for me.

-Organize The Adult Things
I've made big steps here recently with taking care of business. I've got a long ways to go though.

-Spend An Hour A Day Playing Piano / Painting / Drawing I've overcompensated here haha. I've been painting and drawing like crazy! I started an art challenge where you draw or create something everyday. I've been sharing on Instagram with the hashtag #2015yearofart. There are a few other people I know who are participating and are doing a much better job at keeping up than I *cough cough* but its still fun. 

Also, I bought a UKULELE! I'm so excited about this haha. I've been wanting one for awhile and when Santa disappointed, I took it upon myself to get one. I can play a few chords so far but I'm learning! I'm having trouble with tuning it just right but hopefully I will get the hang of it. Maybe I'll be brave enough to share me playing one day. 

I feel pretty good with where this year is going so far. I need to exercise more as always but I'm doing better than I was. Here's are my next goals.

- Learn To Tune & Play A Song On My Ukulele!  This is self explanatory but hopefully I'll have time to really work at this week.

-Just Get Stuff Done & Don't Lose My Mind If I make it through the next few months without a breakdown, that will be a huge accomplishment. With how crazy I expect this semester to be with school and freelance work, I've got to just focus on getting stuff done. I'm not going to stress about much else other than spending time with family. I just want to make it through the semester in one piece haha.

-Continue To Make Healthy Food Choices
I'm doing well apart from the random fast food nightmares. Ugh. I want to drink even more water and eat even more fruits and vegetables and plan out our dinners a little better. 

-Get out! After missing our trip to San Antonio & Austin, I've got a serious travel itch! I've been dreaming of Colorado or the desert. Maybe I'll be able to get away for a day or two in between the work/school madness. I'm sure I'm going to need it. Spring break anybody?

-Get Lots Of Sleep This goes without saying... I'm going to need it. No more late night Netflix binges and getting up early for work. 

I've learned something about my happiness lately. Doing the work I love, staying busy painting & drawing and making progress whether in school or work has really contributed to my mental happiness. A huge source of my unhappiness has been being stuck at a day job that doesn't feed my creative soul. I'm still working there during the day, but I don't dwell so much on it now that I have other outlets that are keeping me so busy. Have you noticed something in particular that adds to your mental happiness? Or do you do anything that really relieves stress for you?

 I'll be tracking my journey on Instagram & Twitter with hashtag #fitandhappytues


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