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Fit & Happy 1.5 The New Year

9:44 AMKathryn Curling

So technically we are in week 7? I decided to take off from this post during the holidays because I really wanted to allow myself to be carefree. Besides, what's more depressing than dwelling on every cookie or tamale you ate? (Yes, we make tamales at Christmas!) Truth be told, I didn't worry about much at all apart from organizing my life. In case you've missed it, each Tuesday I'm writing my goals and recapping the previous week's goals in my journey towards mental and physical health/happiness. You can find the previous posts here.

So here's how the past few weeks have been with goals and what not.

- Actually Create a REAL fitness routine. So totally didn't stick with my routine at all. I sporadically lifted weights and spent a lot of time walking the dog & playing soccer but not in any organized sort of way. The organized bit aside, I've felt great with my level activity.

-(Begin To) Create A Work Space Where I Can Thrive I really, really nailed this one! I deep cleaned the heck out of my office and organized every file, folder and pen! Oh man, I had stuff from markets and photo shoots laying around, tripods that I tripped over almost daily, and so. much. dust. It was so liberating and refreshing. Every time I walk by and catch a glimpse of my office I immediately want to go sit down at my desk and make magic happen! It's so relieving to not have to avoid that room for the feeling of dread I felt. I had gotten to a point where I would just avoid it. I was fooling no one. haha! I'll be sharing an office tour with you very soon!

-Incorporate More Fruit
I'm pretty sure the only fruit I ate over the break was avocados. Obviously that's not even cutting it, no matter how yummy and healthy avocados can be.

-Walk The Dog & Look at Christmas Lights We walked, we saw, we conquered.

-Try Another Cleanse
I did not do this at all. Unless you count fasting for a day and only drinking water. But I think that's just called fasting?

-Spend An Hour A Day Playing Piano / Painting / Drawing I spent a lot of time doodling and playing with watercolor. Conrad got a guitar from us for Christmas so I actually taught myself a few chords! I played the few songs I could remember on the keyboard before giving up and moving on. Once again, there was no organized allotted time for any of this so it's hard to say I accomplished it, but I'm happy that I at least did it. 

Overall I feel really great about how the holidays went. I didn't exercise a ton but I feel like it was very productive and I was full of energy. I decluttered and deep cleaned nearly the whole house! Does a clean house make you as happy as it does me? I caught up on a LOT OF over due beauty sleep and feel that has made a huge difference in my mindset. I knocked out several seasons of some really great shows, which so may say isn't a win, but TV is a true joy for me, not because I want to be lazy, but because I truly love getting absorbed in a story. Don't judge. I feel more clear minded. There's also something about spending time with family and friends that just makes your heart smile. I discovered my love for wine which was not a win hahaha!

It's a new year and I'm not going to bore you with the whole "new year, new me" shpill. I'm just getting stuff done.

- Incorporate Goals Into A Daily To Do list. So it's a very silly thing to make writing a "to do list" as a goal, but I've realized over this "experiment" that I literally forget everything I plan to do almost as soon as I hit PUBLISH. I have my main big goals in mind but not the small ones. I'm going to work on finding a process for execution! Doesn't that sound like a metal song? PROCESS FOR EXECUTION!

-Studio / Shop Room When my office was cleaned and decluttered, I made it a point to get as many things from my vintage shop out and into one of our spare bedrooms. The plan was to turn the room into a makeshift photography studio / shop storage. Currently, it is nothing but a dump for things from the last market I went to. Rubbermaid tubs, clothes racks, hangers and vintage clothes everywhere! I'm going to start to tackle this room over the next few weeks.

-Continue To Make Healthy Food Choices
I could tell a huge difference in the way I was eating before the holidays. I felt different and everyone else was noticing too. I was losing weight & had more energy. If I continue, hopefully things will only get better.

-Get out! I have a mini getaway planned for this weekend so I'm excited! I'm road tripping down through Austin and staying with my aunt in San Antonio. Eeeeek! New surroundings, food and people are a great way to reset your brain. Taking in a new adventure is very stimulating for my creativity and spiritual happiness. I'm also excited to be doing some thrifting / vintage hunting in a new place!

-Organize The Adult Things
Being unprepared stresses me out. Worrying about money haunts me in my sleep and completely screws up my whole mentality. It's time to get all of my finances more organized and ready for tax season. It's time to tie up any lose ends, pay off the late things and brace myself for 2016.

-Spend An Hour A Day Playing Piano / Painting / Drawing I'm keep this one! And I'm going to add it to the daily to do list. haha. 

Hopefully you'll see a little bit of me from my adventures this weekend. If not, I'm having too much fun. What are your goals for the new year?  I'll be tracking my journey on Instagram & Twitter with hashtag #fitandhappytues


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