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Instalife Lately - Where Holidays Collide Apparently

6:47 AMKathryn Curling

I feels like forever since I've posted an Instalife Lately post! Clearly since I have photos from several holidays haha! These past few months have been eventful, and looking back now, much more magical than I realized at the time. Yes magical. I've been to several markets with my vintage shop! My amazingly talented friend Caleb and I were in Deep Ellum a few weeks ago for the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market. GO CHECK OUT HIS WORK RIGHT NOW! He's amazing and you will see him on the cover of Juxtapoz one day. We've carved pumpkins, dressed up in awesome costumes for Halloween, decorated for Christmas, celebrated birthdays, cooked lots of yummy soups, made gingerbread houses, and been especially lazy. I was super stoked to see The Flaming Lips! Those last two pics are regramed from my friend since my phone was dead. It was literally a life changing concert. I went indoor skydiving as I mentioned before and it was amazing! Here's a video from it!

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  1. I'm insanely curious where you went where there was someone in a Frida costume. :-)

    1. Hahaha that was at our friends Halloween party! Her costume turned out fabulous right?

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