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Fit & Happy Tuesday 1.4 - Baby Steps

7:19 AMKathryn Curling

We are in week 4! This week is titled baby steps because I feel like that's what all major changes and goals are composed of. Lots and lots of baby steps. In case you've missed it, each Tuesday I'm writing my goals and recapping the previous week's goals in my journey towards mental and physical health/happiness. You can find the previous posts here.

So here's how it went this past week with my week two goals.

- Create a fitness routine. Routine? No. I did buy some weights that I used a couple of times, but sadly that's all I can say about that. I'm going to aim for using weights at least 3 days a week.

-Write In My Journal This was something I enjoyed. I wrote and doodled twice and I always feel so fresh and free afterwards.

-Cut Back On Carbs & Portions
So far I'm doing great in the food department. I'm trying to watch portions and trying not to eat that much bread or pasta. I allowed myself to cheat a bit when I took my mom out to eat for her birthday this weekend but other than that I was good. There is a Christmas candy issue going on but I will allow myself some wiggle room there haha. Also, I've hardly even missed soda! I've been drinking water like a nobody's business. I crave water now as soon as I wake up and all day long actually.

-Spend 30 Minutes Every Day Being Active I definitely missed a few days. But we've done a lot of walking and soccer this passed week! 

-Decorate For Christmas
We got more done! I love the way the tree looks lit up in a dark house at night. It's so whimsical.

-Try Something New I can't say that I picked up a new hobby but I did start a new book. And starting a new book feeds my soul.

-Spend an hour drawing / painting I doodled, I painted, I conquered. Maybe I'll get brave enough to share some soon.

This past week was eh... apart from buying weights I don't feel like I accomplished too much. BUT I did receive comments from several family members that I looked like I had lost weight! That's always super encouraging to hear. It makes you want to get outside and run a marathon to keep it up. (well not QUITE but ya know). So I feel very motivated to keep it up.

- Actually Create a REAL fitness routine. Okay I'm establishing now
Monday: Weights, abs, legs

Tuesday: Walk the dog
Weights, abs, legs
Saturday: Weights, abs, legs

Before you think this may be too much or little, I'm going at my own pace and will be pushing myself further each week with this. All those years of school athletics taught me a lot about working out thankfully so I know a lot of great exercises and routines.

-(Begin To) Create A Work Space Where I Can Thrive Don't ask how, but my awesome office somehow became cluttered with shop inventory and future garage sale piles. My computer made its way to the dining room table and I just pretend my office isn't there so I don't have to deal with it. A completed, functioning work space is something I've always wanted.  It'll definitely be a work in progress but I can't wait to start.

-Incorporate More Fruit
Maybe I'm weird but I really don't like fruit. I'd rather eat green beans and carrots than fruit. I'll eat bananas and cantaloupe occasionally but that's it. It's mostly the texture I don't like. Maybe I'll try to get more smoothies or force myself to try more.

-Walk The Dog & Look at Christmas Lights Walking the dog is something that I need to do for both her sake and mine. Luckily we live right off of one of the most beautiful streets in my city. It's nothing but old Victorian & early 1900's houses and they go all out at Christmas. So instead of just driving to see the lights this year, we'll walk!

-Try Another Cleanse
I really think that the last one I did some good resetting of my body.

-Spend An Hour A Day Playing Piano / Painting / Drawing As silly as it may seem to force yourself to set aside time for a hobby, the struggle is real! I always forget! 

I think this weeks goals are much more simple and specific than the past few weeks. I left myself too much wiggle room with my previous goals. What are your goals? Is there a hobby or routine you use that feeds YOUR soul? Let me know in the comments! I'll be tracking my journey on Instagram & Twitter with hashtag #fitandhappytues


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