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Fit & Happy 1.3 - Week 3 Regrouping....

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It's week 3! Thanksgiving wasn't as overindulgent as it could have been so I'm giving myself big brownie points there. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Sadly, mine was quite lonely. Normally I spend the day with my family but this year my son was with his Dad's side of the family and we didn't do our usual family get together. I had Thanksgiving with my parents the day before but I missed seeing my cousins and grandparents. I spent most of the day watching Game of Thrones and drinking wine. :-\ So while it wasn't a complete failure, it was lonely. This weekend though we did have our annual Friendsgiving and it was great. I love my circle of friends. They feed my soul.

So here's how it went this past week with my week two goals.

- Enjoy Thanksgiving. Even though Thanksgiving day wasn't the best, Friendsgiving more than made up for it!

-Focus On Feeding My Heart & Soul I think friend time and time with Conrad really helped me get through this past week.  It was miserable weather all week long and the cuddling and movie marathons really helped.  We put up our Christmas tree, which always adds a little bit of magic to my day and each time I look at the sparkling lights. Anxiety and depression have been creeping up on my lately so this past week has been really uplifting.

-Cutback On Meat
Unconsciously I did really well here. Apart from Turkey I did pretty good.

-Spend 30 Minutes Every Day Being Active This is something I keep forgetting to do daily. Though we did A LOT OF walking, I need to push myself in this department.

 -Cut Out Fast Food I made it through the whole week without fast food! That's quite a victory honestly.

-Get Rid Of The Things We Don't Need
I cleaned a lot but didn't declutter or get rid of things like I had hoped. I blame it on the weather.

-Go Somewhere New Again the weather kept us inside most of the time but I did adventure out a little bit on Wednesday to some random thrift stores and pawn shops.

-Spend an hour drawing / painting I doodled quite a bit this past week! I didn't get to paint, but there's something so lovely and raw about black ink of paper to me. I love it.

So I did OK this past week. I definitely need to focus more on working out now that I'm somewhat got my eating habits in check. I cave once or twice a week and have a soda but definitely not daily like I used to. I've also been drinking tons of water like a crazy water person. I feel like I can never get enough! I think that blogging each week what I'm struggling with has helped me a lot in feeling accomplished. I'm also continuing to feel more and more confident in myself which is amazing.

- Create a fitness routine. This was something I was hoping I'd be able to avoid, but if I don't, it won't get done. So I'm going to start out with a basic list and see what happens. I want to tone my arms and legs and of course my stomach so maybe I'll pick up some light weights.

-Write In My Journal I've been having a lot of anxiety and depression these past few weeks. It's weird because I haven't had any of these issues since high school but they've been creeping up on me. I'm hoping that putting my thoughts down and doodling in my journal will help.

-Cut Back On Carbs & Portions
This week I'm going to focus on cleaning the carbs out of my life and shrinking my food portions.

-Spend 30 Minutes Every Day Being Active I'm going to set an alarm to remind me to do this every evening. Whether its just playing soccer or zumba on the Wii, I have to do something!

-Decorate For Christmas
There's something magical about decorating that really lifts the spirits. We put up our tree over the weekend, but I want to decorate the rest of the house.

-Try Something New I want to try out a new hobby or past time this week. Not sure yet what, but I'll find something! Picking up piano again is something I've been wanting to do so maybe I'll do that.

-Spend an hour drawing / painting I want to keep this up so I'll leave it here again this week. 

Okay there are week three's goals! I really hope I can accomplish most of these. What struggles have you faced in getting healthy and happy? If you want to join in on this with me or blog along let me know in the comments! I'll be tracking my journey on Instagram & Twitter with hashtag #fitandhappytues


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  1. Sorry about your Thanksgiving, though Friendsgiving sounds awesome. Good luck with your fitness goals. That sounds like a ton of changes all at once, be proud to meet even one or two goals. Did I miss a Halloween post? Your Marceline costume looks amazing! I'm working on one right now. Making the guitar from cardboard and a hockey stick.

    1. Aww thanks! Friendsgiving definitely made up for it! I didn't actually post anything on the blog for Halloween! I'm kicking myself now wishing that I had! It was very last minute so I was scrambling to make the guitar from all cardboard at the last minute haha! I can't wait to see yours! What are you making the costume for?

  2. Oh, I'm making it for a cosplay outfit. Hopefully I can wear it for one of the Dallas Comic Con Days next year. Working on it now because I had the time and am on a creative streak.

    1. Ooooh awesome! I can't wait to see! I'm really hoping to go too! I haven't decided what I want to be yet but now you've got my wheels turning haha!


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