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Gypsy Beard Untraditional Christmas Playlist

8:02 AMKathryn Curling

So I really love old Christmas songs. I began compiling this massive playlist last year for our Christmas Party at the shop. We had a fun day of hot chocolate, cookies and what not. I'm not nostalgic at all. Haha. This playlist is quite epic in my opinion. With a lot of old and new songs. She & Him have the best Christmas album to date! I hope you enjoy! Play at your parties, in the car, while you're baking cookies! I hope it puts you in the holiday spirit as much as does me.

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  1. Awesome! I love Sufjan Stevens and have picked up the Silver & Gold CD set. Cee-lo Green also has a Christmas album that's pretty good and I've downloaded some good Pink Martini Christmas tracks that I think you may like.

    1. Sujan Stevens is so great! That makes me excited to find a fellow fan! I'll definitely have to check into those since it sounds like we have similar tastes in music!


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