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Instalife Lately - Oklahoma + Photo Wagon Happenings

8:22 AMKathryn Curling

A lot has been going on lately! Wow! Okay so Conrad and I both made it out of school alive with most of our hair UNpulled. Freelance design & photography has kept me insanely busy the past two months... so it's been a lot of work, but also a lot of play. The harder I work, the harder I get to relax, travel, play and enjoy life. Also, I got a new laptop and if I've ever had a "bae", he is it. Haha!

It's feeling like Summer officially here so I've been extra motivated to get our outdoor spaces feeling fun & homey. Conrad got a new clubhouse, the front porch got a bit of a makeover and there are lots of new plants. We've got more plans for the backyard if we can just find the time! We've actually gotten to get away a lot lately too! Mini trips to Oklahoma and Arkansas have been much needed relief to the craziness. Oh and also, lots of good food.

Also, some of my personal super exciting news is that I'm working with the lovely ladies at Photo Wagon! Photo Wagon is Dallas' very first mobile photo booth! If you've been to any festivals or big events in Deep Ellum or around Dallas than you've probably seen the adorable blue camper with the infamous "PHOTO" sign lit up at night. Apologies if you have seen me post about it on Facebook or Instagram, but I'm officially a Photo Wag Hag! I'll be working the events, weddings and private parties. So if you feel like you need a photo booth for your event, wedding or party (which you always do) you can book Photo Wagon Here! Maybe you'll see me?

I met the owner Melissa on Instagram probably two years or so ago while I was hustling and trying to promote my vintage shop  and then later at a market in Deep Ellum. We got to talking and I told her (while secretly hoping inside) that if she ever needed a helping hand I'd be interested. I'm super pumped. I love what she is doing, that's she's kinda followed her heart and dreams and done something fun and amazing. It's inspiring to be around badass chicks making things happen.

Follow Photo Wagon on Instagram & Facebook & Twitter!

Also, it's Friday folks! I'll drink to that.

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  1. Awesome! Dang girl, you've been working hard! Best of luck on the new position!

    1. Aww! Thanks Marg! I'm really excited about it! It's a bit exhausting right now cause I have my day job still plus all my other shenanigans lol I've been following you on Instagram and loving all of your cosplay creations!


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