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8:14 AMKathryn Curling

It's been exciting times lately! Last week the boyfriend adventured in McKinney checking out a few places. (1) We ate at this authentic taco place.. not too bad. I'm kicking myself for not buying this coffee table I found. If it's there when I go back I'll know it was meant to be haha. (2) My little family and my parents spent mother's day morning/afternoon at the local flea market ( probably the best mother's day ever) . Found this great leather purse and little mirror. (4) I"m becoming a sucker for anything triangular shaped. 

We finally ate at this great local burger shop called Terry's. It's literally right around the corner from out house and the prices are really low! SUCH GOOD BURGERS! Like, I'm drooling now. (5) Their "booths" are my most favorite color in the world... that coraly orangish pink. Like I used for my blog layout.

I've been getting more and more ready to open shop online, Conrad decided he wanted to make sure the hats were all up to par. (3). We've got an inventory of close to 30 dresses, 10 skirts, 13 tops, 6 jackets/blazers, about 20 pairs of shoes, and tons of purses, jewelry, scarves and hats. (6) (7) Crossing my fingers that people love the pieces I've collected. It's about 3 years of collecting.

Also, I don't think I've mentioned that we had babies two weeks ago... like kittens. (8)(9) My cat had 4 babies at about 1 a.m. one saturday night. Three of them are tortoise shells and one is peachy orange. I can't wait until they are running around. Conrad is completely smitten and protective over them. He melts my heart. =) I feel so lucky to be his mommy. He's such a sweet kiddo. He's the greatest gift a mother could ever want. Love you munchkin!

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  1. Sounds like you've been having a lovely time!

  2. Awww look at that tiny little kitten. My heart just melted! Too sweet :) -Mika


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