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6:37 AMKathryn Curling

Well it's been a busy few weeks for me..... hence the lack of blogging. With finals going on and two clients I've been working non stop with I've been going going and going. The first client,  I did a poster for the cool gals at Madames of Massacre for their upcoming fundraiser after meeting them at their bout in April. They are super cool ladies and I think this event is for such a great cause! The other I'll probably post sometime later.

The theme that they are going with for the fundraiser is Super Heroes vs. Villains. I thought it would be cool to make it look like a page from a comic book. I ended up hand drawing a few girls and then finishing it up in Illustrator. We were pretty crunched for time  so I had to pull it together in just 2 days but it ended up pretty cool. I wish I could've spent a little more time on the city in the background but in the end I'd probably still never be satisfied lol. What do ya think?

well I am out for now... lots more homework to do and some more shop stuff to get done!


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