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8:29 AMKathryn Curling

Its been a busy past two weeks... lots of planning and organizing happening. We've been doing a little looking around for a house because we are tired of renting. NO luck in the department yet though. I do love peaking in the windows of the old houses. =) But there was also more fun involved than usual. Usually my boyfriend and I both work so much that by the time we are home our fun consists of watching movies and playing video games. We are home bodies for the most part which I love. =) So for us to go out on a saturday night to roller derby, was a big deal. Needless to say we had a blast.

Conrad has a field trip to the zoo which was fun. It was a great break from the usual "behind a desk all day" and it was great weather. They had an awesome bird walk-a-bout where you could just hang out with the birds and they could sit in your hand and eat. Conrad and I loved it. I scored a zoom lens from a pawn shop that I was dying to try out at the zoo so more of those pictures when I edit them. I'm finding out more and more how much I love photography. I've realized I'm very much an "instant results" "instant gratification" person... which is why learning to crochet and sewing were a huge fail for me. I still love to sew but small things at a time otherwise I get discouraged. Photography has allowed me to do something creative without having to be extremely patient.

I cooked Chicken Parmesan AND pork carnitas for the first time this past we... my boyfriend is obsessed with both of those dishes and he declared the Chicken Parmesan the best thing I've ever cooked. GO ME haha.

Conrad also had his last soccer game of the season and got his trophy... which he was stoked about. He's determined to have more than my brother and I. (YES I played soccer for a very long time lol ) And yet again more dresses going into the shop. It seems like its taking forever to finally get it opened but I'm being patient. There's still a lot to do. welp that's it for today. I've got toooo many end of the semester projects to get started on and finish up. yay for summer!!!!

ta ta


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  1. Sounds like fun! We are kind of the opposite, we LOVE to go out and explore. It's hard for us to stay inside...
    Good luck on your house hunt!!! I've been there, know the feeling! I am sure you will find something that you love sooner or later. My only advice ? Patience! I was lacking in that department... :( Best of wishes!:) <3 -Mika

  2. Yes I'm learning that I have to be patient because ONE DAY I will find the absolute perfect house. til then I will just dream about it haha.


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